Y circles Co-working space 
Co-working space where you can work, study and meet friends, prepared with everything you may need to be in your own space.

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  1. Co-working space
    a shared co-working space where all great ideas begin, we offer you a cozy place with good preparation, drinks with low prices, fast WIFI, wide area for you and your teammates
  2. Workshops hub
    Full equipped rooms for your workshops with white boards, screen and a workstation for the instructor
  3. Meeting Rooms
    three full equipped rooms to spend time with your colleagues and your teammates for your practical projects, entities meetings and student activities committees meetings
  4. Start-up Office
    Private offices for your team up to 18 people 10 hours/day suitable for your business at a very pivotal location like Mesaha sq. Dokki


Y circles is a full community aiming to support every freelancer, student and anyone who needs a calm atmosphere we offer you a cosy place with good preparation, drinks with low prices, fast WIFI, workshops and courses, wide area and many rooms to spend time with your friends and your teammates especially for your practical and graduation projects.

"Join our circles and we guarantee you will enjoy our place and workshops"
Our Parteners 
House of Knowledge
Lampa workshop provider

Luminance is a photography startup which aims to record your greatest moments and smiles. They work in photography, graphic design, video making.

House of Knowledge is an educational organization aims to deliver an outstanding material for the academics to enhance their educational experience.

Lampa is a workshops resident where you will find a cost price like no other with maintaining the best quality and peculiar methodology.
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12 Amin El-Rafaey st. Mesaha sq.
Ad Duqqi, Al Jizah, Egypt
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